Remnant: Fife’s Post Conflict Landscape in VR

BSc Projects
2021, 2022
Grade: A1 (First - 22/22)

Investigated over four years and developed in my final year at art school, ‘Remnant’ is a narrative experience that combines archives, photogrammetry, film, oral histories and VR, using WW2 concrete structures as lenses that refract past and present experiences of young people in Fife, Scotland. Starting with the pillbox my friends and I would hang out in as teenagers, I began to unravel the human experiences woven into the post-conflict landscape that surrounded me in my childhood.

The project led me to libraries, archives and museums, but also through caravan parks, pine forests and sand dunes. Talking to experts, locals and friends, I found hidden stories of an invasion that never came, of creativity and coming-of-age, of loss and rehabilitation, and of home and belonging, among many others. I then conceived, designed and curated a virtual commemorative space that leverages the embodiment and empathy afforded by VR to engage ‘visitors’ as active explorers of the past and agents in remembrance and forgetting. ‘Remnant’ was awarded the highest grade possible, and I was awarded the 2022 Chair’s Medal in Simulation and Visualisation.


Stills, Rendered in-engine

Final Project Presentation

About Me:
AHRC-funded Doctoral Researcher -Hacking the Big Smoke: Alternate Reality and London’s Archaeology

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