Ray Harryhausen: Titan of Cinema
Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation
National Galleries of Scotland

Hydra and Kraken models scanned with Danny Buksh, Harpy and Skeletons scanned by Rachel McCoach, Olga Chatzifoti and Sandy Louchart and processed by Danny Buksh and me. 

In February 2020, I was asked to form part of a small team of students and staff from the School of Simulation and Visualisation scanning objects from the Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation Archives Using photogrammetry, I captured the famous Hydra and Kraken models, and helped process the Harpie and skeletons’ data in Agisoft Metashape.

The scans were used by Revenant TV to create animations,  2D and 3D content in the Ray Harryhausen | Titan of Cinema exhibition at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh.

Content using scans on Revenant TV •  National Galleries of Scotland 

About Me:
Immersive Systems Designer and New Media Artist.
Geospatial 3D Web Mapping and Game Developer @ Buro Happold.
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