Mirror Break

BSc Projects:
Grade A5 (First)
Utilising the TyFlow system in 3DS Max, I simulated a mirror breaking. This process involved a combination of Voronoi fracture with carefully controlled physical forces. When a hammer hit the mirror, it triggered a Voronoi fracture, breaking the glass into shards. I compounded this fracturing with other events I designed using conditions such as velocity or proximity from the ground, breaking the glass further to create a realistic effect. I iterated on this with a fine particle spray made using pArray.

For the Unity component, I used the Mirror framework to build a client-server multiplayer environment allowing players to interact with rigid-body physics.


Final rendered video of my TyFlow effect

My TyFlow Effect
Node diagram of my TyFlow effect

Previs of my TyFlow effect

Unity Screenshot

About Me:
Immersive Systems Designer and New Media Artist.
Geospatial 3D Web Mapping and Game Developer @ Buro Happold.
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