BSc Projects:
Grade A3 (First)

I designed a Cardboard VR experience centring on a 3D model of a WW2 pillbox in my local area, known colloquially as “The Nazi Box”.  I used archival footage, illustration, voice recordings and my own photography to explore the experiences of local young people with the pillbox during the Second World War and in the present day. I made several 3D models and textured them using photographs taken on-site, as well as archival footage and audio interviews I recorded. During the modelling and texturing process, I had to respond to the constraints of the mobile platform and optimise my models accordingly.

This project is the basis for my 4th year studio project Remnant.

Video Walkthrough

About Me:
AHRC-funded Doctoral Researcher -Hacking the Big Smoke: Alternate Reality and London’s Archaeology

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