BSc Projects:
Grade: A5 (First) 

All programming and audio my own,animations co-created with Youmei Huang.

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Over the course of two weeks in year one semester one, my teammate and I created an interactive digital narrative people centring on experiences of visually impaired people on the Glasgow Subway. To achieve this, we had to find ways to convey the experience of having a visual impairment. I developed a visual style which emphasised ambient sounds, limited use of light and colour and which did not use any text. As well as programming the experience and creating stop-frame animations in the style I developed, I also recorded and mixed all of the sounds used in the piece in the field at stations on the Glasgow Subway network. Blind/Spot was exhibited in a showcase of student work at The School of Simulation and Visualisation. 

Unity Walkthrough

Spritesheets for the animations I made

About Me:
AHRC-funded Doctoral Researcher -Hacking the Big Smoke: Alternate Reality and London’s Archaeology

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